Google teams up with Shopify

New Shopify integration allows sellers to list items through Google Shopping, Maps, Youtube


Last week, two tech giants announced they have teamed up to bring new solutions to the world of e-commerce. Google\’s President of Commerce explained the new Shopify partnership will help retailers \”appear across Google’s one billion shopping journeys each day.\” Some view this as Google again attempting to grab e-commerce share from the industry’s dominant player, Amazon. Last summer, Google eliminated retailer fees on its shopping service in an effort to attract new merchants and those who are not able to make money on Amazon. This change by Google led to a 80% rise in the number of merchants on their platform and a 70% increase in product listings.

This combined effort from Google and Shopify is set to change the e-commerce landscape yet again for many retailers. The following are some of the way how:

  • Google Shop App & Shopify sellers will see increases in traffic as Google will drive users to their listings
  • The ability for sellers to advertise and sell across Google\’s multiple platforms, such as on Maps or YouTube, has the potential for businesses to reach new and larger audiences
  • For consumers, this will help further develop access to goods and services online
  • Small businesses who used to be completely lost in Google searches will benefit as they now have the opportunity to be displayed in the same ways as large merchants
  • In an effort to attract smaller sellers, Google has eliminated all commission and listing fees, making it free for sellers to use Google as their selling platform
  • “Search What You See” with Google Lens & shop right from there
  • New features on Google Chrome to ease checkout & manage carts across websites
  • Sellers who struggle to be profitable on Amazon will benefit from the lower cost of selling

This platform is set to have all the bells, whistles and plug-and-play abilities that Google and Shopify are known for. At their first developer conference since 2019, among other things Google teased us with a couple of key features; one of the main ones being “search what you see” through Google Lens . This will essentially allow you to view a photo on the internet through Lens, say of a stylish outfit, and then shop for the items directly from the photo, without having to search or know anything about the product. Google Chrome will also have an all encompassing cart feature, allowing you to complete multiple purchases at once, or save items for later in one place.


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