Freight Brokering & 3PL

Bullwhip is a boutique freight brokering company with extensive experience serving industrial, commercial, and project management. Give us a call at 204-202-5148 to talk to our team, or email us at

We are Freight Specialists.

Established in 2017, Bullwhip Logistics has grown from serving one client locally, to handling freight shipments worldwide. We serve customers in Canada and the USA, focusing on machinery and industrial parts. Our team understands the common needs in serving complex and fast-moving industry, and you can trust Bullwhip to get it done right. From pallets to containers and truckloads, we make it easy.

And just like every other freight broker out there: we have access to thousands of vetted carriers, their insurance, industry expertise, boast a full tech stack, and have moved thousands of freight shipments. We can also leverage assets, utilize core competencies and solution best practices to impact things that resonate with you.

So, what makes Bullwhip different?

We know what questions to ask (and we ask a lot of them), and pay attention to detail. This lets us quote you accurately, provide straightforward instruction to our carriers and stakeholders, and prevents “unforeseeable issues” down the line.

We live and work by transparency, timeliness, and accountability. These have been ingrained in us since we opened up shop. We have a 98% customer retention rate and the referrals to prove it.

We keep current on topics in our industry as well as related ones. Change in every industry is constant, and both challenges and opportunities exist therein. Regulatory, safety, rates and lanes, tariffs, equipment finance, multimodal, digitization, ELDs, automated vehicles, you name it!

We don’t do it all. While our knowledge and expertise are valuable, they don’t extend to everything. As such, we maintain a robust network of contacts both in transportation and related fields. We are happy to introduce businesses we have worked with and can offer value to our clients.

To sum up- at Bullwhip we know what we do, and we do it with professional pride. We treat our clients and our vendors as partners. We remove complexity, and offer creative solutions. We make it easy.

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