About Us

What Bullwhip is focused on:

Building a community of shipping, logistics, e-commerce, and related subject matter experts in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Answering any and all #bringittobullwhip questions related to the above via blog, articles, video

Growing Winnipeg and Manitoba client base of SMBs, entrepreneurs, and side-hustlers

Learning, contributing, innovating

Growing our team (4, wait….7.5 strong now!)

Meet the Team!

Philip Redekopp

Hi all! I’ve survived a 25 year career in transportation, and now living and bulding the logistics company to go with it. A client once said to me “Just make it easy, man!” That hit home, and that’s how we’re building the dream.

I love to talk about the transportation, logistics, ecommerce, Winnipeg, and local business, especially the forward-looking stuff.

I have a son in elementary school, enjoy lifting heavy with no mask or belt, biking (solo, bike jams, or with my son), good people, and good food and drink. Also F1, but no ovals or NASCAR lol.

Call me or book some time below, I’d love to chat!

Ray Abbott

Joined Bullwhip in October 2021, to run the truckload and LTL business. His extensive background in transportation operations, strong work ethic, and deep knowledge of silly / dirty jokes are instrumental in day to day operations. He also makes and sells healthy, organic dog food!

Call Ray for a quote today!

Sami Maney

Hi! My name is Sami. I began working for Bullwhip through the “Ready, Set, Go!” program during the summer of 2022.

My main focus here is writing articles and eventually social media posts. I am new to the industry, but have been enjoying the opportunities to grow my skills and learn more along my journey at Bullwhip.

I am an aspiring writer in my free time, but I have many other interests that I try to engage in. I have layers; like an onion. It is my goal to add a little joy to everything I do at Bullwhip, hopefully reaching you, the one reading this at this very moment.

Austen Young

Hello! I am a 8+ Year Experienced Web and Software Developer. I’ve been doing Web Development since I was 14 starting with Game Development. It has been my biggest passion and the reason why I joined the Web Industry.

I have many connections with marketing and web, I love making connections with different people and learning their passions as well. I love to chat so feel free to talk with me anytime.

I also own a Web Consultant Firm called
CloudLocal Technologies. Feel free to give us a call anytime for any Web-Related Questions or Concerns.