Parcel Olympics – Race 1 Results

The Results

Expected Delivery Date Actual Delivery Date
Canada Post 10/13/2021 10/12/2021, 16:00
Canpar 10/12/2021 10/13/2021, 11:50

The results are as dramatic as they come; Canpar predicted an earlier delivery date than Canada Post, BUT proceeded to be BEAT by the Courier giant. Canada Post notified us at 6pm On Tuesday, Oct. 12 that the package was safely delivered. Canpar was not until the next day. So Canada Post\’s expedited service was quicker than Canpar ground.

Our Review

WEEK 1 From Winnipeg To: Vancouver
Speed Reliability Cost Care
Canada Post 1/3 3/3 3/3 3/3
Canpar 2/3 2/3 3/3 3/3

Based on what we experienced with both couriers. Overall the service provided was good. on Both accounts. Both Couriers get a total score of 10/12.

Services included live tracking, (some) accurate estimates and affordable pricing.

The major difference in this race being Canpars original delivery estimate was 10,12,2021, and delivered on 10,13,2021, while Canada Post predicted 10,13,2021 and delivered on 10,12,2021.

BUT – Canada Post\’s service was expedited, Canpar\’s ground service almost beat it.


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