Parcel Olympics – Week 2

Week 2 – Heat 2

While last week\’s parcel race is still finishing up, we are starting the next event!

This week we are sending a notebook from Winnipeg, Manitoba to Kitchener, Ontario using Canada Post\’s free shipping Tuesday promotion !

We are sending this little book around the country (& eventually the world)! Friends, family, and whoever else is willing can volunteer to participate! Just add doodles (or autographs, stamps, favorite recipes), the date, and the city you\’re in. Bullwhip will email you shipping labels so you can send it on (along with another parcel filled with your goodies to whoever you like). We will track both parcels as they move along Canada\’s courier networks. Volunteers are also entered to win a $100 Amazon gift card at the end of the month!

If you would like to receive the notebook next, drop us a line & we\’ll add you into its route. You are encouraged to send the book far and wide across Canada. Let\’s test the system!

Week 1 Update

We\’re neck and neck, it\’s coming down to the finish line!


Track the parcels live here! – Press on the links below to track each package.


Canada Post Parcel

Canpar Parcel




Canada Post:





Check back tomorrow when we find out who wins with the fastest delivery!


Expected Delivery Date
Canada Post 10/13/2021
Canpar 10/13/2021