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In case you haven\’t heard, we have been sending and tracking parcel shipments across the country in order to determine the best courier! Read the full event description here.

To keep things clean and simple; this blog post will be home to all current and future Parcel Olympics updates.

Please check back weekly to keep up to speed with the action!


Week 3 Update: Oct. 19

Our VIP Guest Book is taking a trip from it\’s previous destination in Kitchener Ontario, all the way West to Victoria BC! Canada Post will be racing against FedEx Ground service this week. Out the gate, FedEx looks promising with their 4 day estimate. But we all know the saying; \’Slow and steady wins the race!\’ 

October 26 – The plot thickens!

  • Item Re-Routed – Delivery Delayed Notification from Canada Post, even though they are still 3 days early on their ETA
  • 45 minutes later, Canada Post has delivered!
  • FedEx parcel has moved from Kitchener to Cambridge to Barrie, so still in Ontario. What happened to 4 day delivery???

October 29 – FedEx has delivered, 5 days late from their initial ETA

Kitchener, ON –> Victoria, BC
Canada Post Expedited Parcel
Date Sent Oct. 20
Date Received Oct. 26
Est. Days (shipper) 9 (ETA Oct. 29)
Actual Days 6
Cost $19.22

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Kitchener, ON –> Victoria, BC
FedEx Ground
Date Sent Oct. 20
Date Received Oct. 29
Est. Days (shipper) 4 (ETA Oct. 24)
Actual Days 9
Cost $24.21

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Week 2 Update: Oct. 12

Last week we sent out a small notebook and a coffee mug to a relative in Kitchener, Ontario. I wonder what he will write in it. The first page is always important!

Canada Post claimed 5 days \”guaranteed delivery\” for this, however took 7. We found it interesting that the original delivery date provided (Oct. 17) was a Sunday, which made us skeptical of the 5 day estimate to start with. With all that is going on 2 days late is not bad, but we have a suspicion these delays will continue to increase as we move closer to the holidays. Click to check out our article on holiday shipping 2021.

Winnipeg –> Kitchener, ON.
Canada Post Expedited Parcel
Date Sent Oct. 12
Date Received Oct. 19
Est. Days (shipper) 5 (Oct. 17)
Actual Days 7
Cost $12.58


WEEK 2 Speed Reliability Cost Care
Canada Post 2/3 2/3 2/3 3/3

Week 1 Update: Oct. 5

To recap; during week 1 of the Parcel Olympics we raced two similar parcels to the same location to see which service was better.

The result were interesting, Canpar promised faster delivery from a comparatively lower shipping priority level, however wound up taking 3 days longer than their estimate which allowed Canada Post to take the lead and secure the win with delivery in 6 days.

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Winnipeg –> Kitsilano, BC.
Canada Post Expedited Parcel
Date Sent Oct. 5
Date Recieved Oct. 12
Est. Days (shipper) 6
Actual Days 6
Cost $13.40


Winnipeg –> Kitsilano, BC.
Canpar Regular
Date Sent Oct. 5
Date Received Oct. 12
Est. Days (shipper) 4
Actual Days 7
Cost $13.48


WEEK 1 Speed Reliability Cost Care
Canada Post 1/3 3/3 3/3 3/3
Canpar 2/3 2/3 3/3 3/3


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