How Do Shipping Costs Hurt Your Online Sales?

How Do Shipping Costs Hurt Your Online Sales?

Shipping costs account for 28% of abandoned carts. 

(via Forbes EQ)


Customers are one final step away from purchasing a product, and see the shipping costs calculated at the checkout; the cost shocks them and they close the window. Nearly ⅓ of abandoned carts are doing this. Brands are faced with the challenge of whether or not to offer free shipping to entice customers to buy.


“Seeing ‘FREE SHIPPING’ is a significant hook for some; people don’t like an added cost to their purchase. Think of all the times you’ve decided not to buy something because of shipping; the total suddenly jumps and makes the customer think twice before buying.” This quote from Forbes sums it up. The crazy jump is a negative experience to the buying process.


As part of the online shopping experience, the speed at which customers get their products matters. Even though small business owners are not responsible for the shipping process itself, they receive the blame when shipping goes wrong. 



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