Canada Post & Amazon Prime – Why the Delay?

Amazon Prime & Canada Post – Why the Delay? 

Recently Canadians have been experiencing delays in their deliveries, mainly through Canada Post. Amazon Prime customers are also seeing these delays, as most of their products are delivered by Canada Post. At this point, it is not really news to anyone that international shipping times and costs have gone up as a result of the pandemic. Over the past year we have become accustomed to waiting an extra couple days or week for our packages. However this problem has worsened for Canadians over the last few weeks, with some domestic deliveries in urban centers delayed nearly a month, causing many to wonder if ordering online is even worth it. 

Falling in line with seemingly everything else this year, there are many different factors currently playing into the delays in shipping times this spring. 

One of the greatest challenges for Canada Post seems to be maintaining a covid free workplace for its employees. Many of their plants, such as the facility in Mississauga, Ont. Have been shut down multiple times this year because of covid outbreaks or concerns. These plants can have well over 100 employees per shift, which can make virus transmission at the workplace a significant risk. This facility reviews and clears inbound mail and packages from US and other countries. They also process these shipments to send out. Canada Post says ‘delays can be expected for these products’ as the shift is off for 14 days.

The Canada USA ground border closure also creates an issue for Canada Post as getting products into Canada from the USA has become more difficult and time consuming. Further, domestic and international flight volumes have dropped significantly, while demand for cargo space has shot up. This means less cargo capacity is available to use. 

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