KFC Chicken Nightmare: The Fallout


I\’m not sure if/where I posted about when KFC switched from their long-time logistics partner Bidvest (a foodservice logsitics specialist) to DHL (courrier/package delivery giant), but the story definitely merits follow-up.

About 600 of the 900 KFCs in the UK closed by Monday February 19th, for lack of chicken (the \”C\” in KFC stands for chicken). Frantic Brits were calling police, their MPs, and of course opined on social media. (#KFCCrisis on Twitter for a laugh!!) Subsequently, the chain experienced supply issues with hashbrowns, lettuce, cheese, wraps, corn, and worst of all- gravy. The \”Great Chicken Crisis\” went on for 2-3 weeks or so as DHL and other partners attempted to correct the problems, to some degree of success.

KFC later announced their supply chain reverted to Bidvest, and everything quietly went back to normal. Whew!

-Cheaper isn\’t always better.