Autonomous Trucks: the Breakdown

Believe it or not, autonomous trucks are here and driving our roads. From the less risque, \”platoon\” focused efforts of Daimler, Volvo, and Waymo, to startup Embark and Uber operating autonomously with drivers physically present, to Starsky Robotics completing human-less truck runs in Florida; progress on driverless trucks is fast and furious. China has players in the game, too. TuSimple, for example, is focusing on autonomous trucks for ports, which could have huge IMPACT in the worldwide marine shipping industry. Off-road offerings like Scania\’s mining truck are in the mix, too.

This article by Alistair Charleton (a tech writer), on does a decent who\’s-who on the North American highway vehicles, despite leaving out Starsky Robotics (check this link out for Starsky). These 6 Companies are Making the Self-Driving Truck a Reality

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