A Good, Local Update: Vendor Assistance Plan

An email shared on social media Thursday indicated some potentially disruptive news to local Winnipeg small businesses and independent vendors.

CTV news has now confirmed the story here.

As noted from the leaked email, the Good Local warehouse closes on Monday, May 30th. Vendors have until Thursday, June 2nd to pick up their inventory, face storage charges, or get it delivered back to them for a $40 cost. Yikes.

We had hoped this leaked email was simply miscommunicated and misunderstood, and everything would work out for the vendors concerned. Bullwhip works with the same type of local Winnipeg vendors, so we’ve been preparing a contingency plan to assist vendors in removing and storing their inventory before charges accrue, or worse.

So, Bullwhip will be working with some selected other community-minded small business partners to provide ANY or all of the following services to affected vendors. There are no strings attached or commitment of any kind to assist in recovering their inventory.

  • Inventory removal and/or transportation from Good Local to your place or ours. No charge for using our bins.
  • Storage, inventory management, pick pack and shipping/fulfillment services
  • Delivery and distribution for Winnipeg, Canada, USA and worldwide
  • Bullwhip can accommodate dry goods only; reach out to us for our refrigerated or frozen storage friends
  • ecommerce site setup, integrations, and hosting partners (Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, WordPress, etc…)
  • Additional local web and business sites and marketplaces to list and sell your products

Feel free to call us anytime at 204-202-5148 or email info@bullwhiplogistics.ca with any questions. Kindly post helpful comments/suggestions/links to people impacted in the comments below.

Keep in mind we are all trying to help, so any bad vibes comments, name calling, etc… will be deleted.

Thanks on behalf of the team here at Bullwhip Logistics,

Philip Redekopp

Let us know how we can help!