Just for Fun: 10 Lessons in Freight

Logistics jargon at its finest, in a really engaging article. Do you understand/agree with what JT is saying? Here is a sample:

Understanding the interrelation of markets, sectors, subsectors and companies can enable one to have a strong view on the Bayesian implications for other endogenous factors. (…) So for example, IF a hurricane is flooding Houston and irregular route truckload carriers are seeing rates move north of 15%, THEN dedicated truckload carriers should prepare to negotiate 10%+ rates over the coming months AND LTL spill could impact tonnage by respective network capacity driving CWT and utilization AND THEN intermodal rates could be pushed 5%+ DURING WHICH brokerage gross margins will compress until contract rates expand and the spot market settles, pushing gross margins back toward peak AFTER WHICH logisticians will be pushed to reoptimize supply chain networks.

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