It\’s Been Sooo Long!

Hi Folks,

It\’s been a busy time for Bullwhip during COVID so thought I\’d poke my head up for a quick update. Not a word about \”struggling through challenging and uncertain times\”. Promise.


Many current and new customers are shifting their selling online. We offer assistance with this, along with discounted shipping rates from packages to pallets to truck and ocean. Plus, quotes (see if you\’re overpaying. Most likely, yes!), witty banter, and a shipping/business sounding board, completely free of obligation. I love working with small/med business, and with 100% customer retention, we must be doing something right!

Freight patterns, global supply chain disruption, modal shifts, the bullwhip effect, etc… The big, broad world of supply chain has been knocked head over heels. I\’ll do a couple posts on this soon.

Philip (I need a catchy freight nickname. A new customer has been going by The Millet King, or King, for short. No one calls him by his given name anymore). Philip has been working on a freight management and consulting contract since January, now extended through August. My Spanish language proficiency has got me to the point I can listed to Tom Segura\’s podcast en espanol and understand how swear words, dirty jokes, and insults translate from one Latin American regional dialect to another, and laugh. Other COVID downtime includes bike rides with my son, yearning (yes, like Kramer from Seinfeld), and drawing. I done a good owl, and race car. Dibujar me agrada!

Give me a call sometime, business or pleasure. It\’s always lovely to connect.

Stay safe and happy,